Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Adoption Situations Listed Online

Are you dreaming of adopting a baby or child domestically? Nationwide adoption center Lifetime Adoption maintains an online listing of current adoption situations, which are birthparents who are seeking adoption information and adoptive parents for their babies and children. This listing is active and updated daily with new adoption situations.

The list features birthmothers of all races, backgrounds, and ages. Included in the listing are details such as her due date or child's age, her ethnicity, health history, and what she is looking for in an adoptive family. Please visit to view this listing.

If you find that the listed situations seem to fit what you are looking for in adoption, that may be a good indicator that Lifetime Adoption might be the appropriate people to help with your adoption.

If you have questions about Lifetime's program, please give them a call at (530) 432-7373. To apply for their successful nationwide adoption program to help you adopt, please fill out the free online application.

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