Thursday, October 29, 2009

Calming Adoption Nerves

Deciding on adoption is a large step for anyone, but for many families dealing with the wait is the hardest part. In the waiting phase of your adoption it is common to become anxious. You may experience sleepless nights, difficulty focusing at work, or just the constant feeling of “butterflies” in your stomach. All of these feelings are normal, and even expected. After all, in making an adoption plan, you are reaching for your dreams. You are investing your time, emotions, and finances, with the hope of soon becoming parents. You have taken a huge step toward growing your family, and you know that the decisions you are making now are going to change your life.

Becoming proactive is one way you can help your adoption journey by easing the day-to-day anticipation and giving you some control over your time and feelings. It will help take all of those bundled up nerves, and transform them into positive actions that will get the word out to everyone around you, that you are seeking a child to adopt.

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