Saturday, April 18, 2009

Adoption Impact in the Community

Lifetime Adoption has entered the Adobe Show Your Impact contest, in which we display how our organization has impacted the adoption community.

Many aspects of adoption are still not talked about in today’s society; getting information into the hands of healthcare providers, doctors, social workers, and pregnant teens is key to social change. Our designed pieces have given the material a visual element that widens the spectrum of potential readers. Making adoption a real option for those facing an unplanned pregnancy is indeed a cause of social change. No matter of your age, race, or religion the human mind is drawn to visually appealing and informative information. Our mission is to educate in order to lead to social change for the promotion of adoption as a true option for those who are pregnant.

Vote for Lifetime Adoption's entry in the Adobe Show Your Impact contest. Click here to view our submission and vote for us!

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